How the Queen of England wanted to conquer the New World

Queen Elizabeth I ruled at a time when explorers and adventurers were beginning to set sail into the unknown.

Large parts of the world were a complete mystery: there were many blank spaces on the maps and the queen’s explorers undertook their voyages in order to find out what was there.

The blank spaces were known as Terra Incognita: The Land of the Unknown.

Dozens of ships were wrecked at sea. The explorers who were lucky enough to make it back to England brought home tales of exotic lands and great riches.

The queen encouraged her explorers. The Spanish and Portuguese, sworn enemies of England, had already discovered many new lands and claimed them for themselves.

Now, the queen wanted her English explorers to do the same.

Sir Walter Ralegh was her favourite courtier; she encouraged him to send ships and colonists to North America.

Queen Elizabeth was known as the Virgin Queen; she was proud that the new land of North America had been named Virginia in her honour.