Explore where the first colonists settled

The island described in Children of the Wild, is a real place. Roanoke was where the original English colonists established their little settlement.

They thought it would be the perfect spot to build their new home. It was in the middle of a lagoon and easily defended from enemies. It was also protected from the Atlantic storms by a long bank of shingle, just like the one described in Children of the Wild.

Better still, it had good soil for growing vegetables and there was lots of wildlife, which the colonists hoped to kill and eat.

Only after they’d built their village did they realise the drawback to living on the island. Roanoke was too small (just eight miles long and two miles wide) and there was far less wildlife than the colonists had first thought. This meant they had to hunt for deer on the mainland.

They soon started clashing with the native Americans, who were hunting in the same areas of forest.

It quickly became clear that there wasn’t enough food for everyone.